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How to embrace your warrior spirit & accelerate your business during a crisis

The Coronavirus pandemic sneaked up on us and then began to impact every facet of the global economy. Most people and businesses were left shell shocked, many are near the verge of collapse, most have to seriously re-think how to approach the new normal. Only very few benefited. With the pandemic still raging and the question of a second wave looming large what steps should businesses take next? Can we reimagine our organisations, their place in this new reality and the way we communicate to our customers and the market as a whole?

The simple answer is yes, of course, we can and here some ideas to get you thinking.

Never let a good crisis go to waste


Many of us have heard this Winston Churchill quote or the “In confusion there is profit” quote quite a few times recently and there is a lot of truth to it. The important thing is to act and to use this time to push forward. Like in Martial Arts, an MMA or Boxing match one of the fundamental principles is movement. This is not a time to freeze and we have had enough time to reflect. It is now time to experiment, implement, test, possibly fail, get up, dust ourselves off, course correct and test again. Yes, these are uncertain times but in reality, times are always uncertain and it is through the simple but very powerful principle of moving, acting and learning that we create the momentum that will lead to valuable lessons and successes. This will turn uncertainty into (some)certainty.