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At PS, we are passionate about shaping the future of digital marketing and making it accessible to all. Our mission is to perfect our agency model that combines creative human experiences with the power of AI on technology platforms. We believe that this approach is revolutionizing the way businesses approach digital marketing and allows them to achieve their goals more effectively. It's this passion and dedication to our mission that gets us out of bed every day and guides every decision we make.

our mission

shaping the future of digital marketing with human creativity and AI powered amplification

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Sektor: Apartment Selector

I had the pleasure of working with Propaganda Solutions for my company's marketing campaign and I couldn't be happier with the results.

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  • Jörg Meiers

    Jörg Meiers

    REGIO Treppenlifte GmbH


    Building website and Google strategy. Also Facebook and other social media channels. Propaganda Solutions was always available when I needed him. A very nice contemporary and very dedicated.

    REGIO Treppenlifte GmbH
  • John Farrell

    John Farrell

    J+J Struktur GmbH


    Propaganda have supported our organisation on multiple projects in both creative and technical capacities. One example was where they successfully developed a website with a ci for our company. Propaganda Solutions are a group of professionals who are focused on results and they make the process simple.

    J+J Struktur GmbH
  • MP

    Mark Pilkington

    G&B Ltd


    I worked with Propaganda Solutions for a mid sized project across 3 months. Propaganda Solutions consulted on digitising my business and developed creative materials for the company. I can highly recommend them. Great team & great work! Great communication, listened to exactly what i wanted and delivered it.

  • KS

    Kim Swicinski

    Serious Fun GmbH


    Website development, google advertising, search engine optimizing, analytics. Transparency througout all work processes, spirit, proactivity.

  • ML

    Marieke Lippert

    Serious Fun GmbH


    The agency successfully supports us in optimizing our online marketing and redesigning our website. We have a permanent contact person who is always at our side!

  • Niklas Rotter

    Niklas Rotter



    The agency helped in scaling our marketing efforts for overseas.Transparency & innovative ideas to boost our reach.


Our views

vision, mission, values

our vision

Democratising marketing and using some of what we make to do good and help other spread their message.

our mission

Developing an agency model that focuses on creative human experiences that are amplified on technology platforms through the power of AI

our values

We want our values to be meaningful and we want everyone in the team to live and breath the company values. Real values shine through the behaviours and skills demonstrated by a companies employees and they are those behaviours and attributes that fellow employees value thereby creating a dynamic company culture that drives forward the individual and the company as a whole.
We value these attributes in our people:


We care about the work you do for Propaganda Solutions and we inspire other to do great work


We listen well. We seek to understand. We ask questions. We are articulate in speech and writing. We are always prepared for meetings and conduct them professionally


We spend time thinking about better ways to do things. We integrate thinking into our work and demonstrate state of the art knowledge in what we do.


We speak the truth. If we have something to say about someone then we say it to their face not behind their back. We are direct and we can admit when we have made a mistake.


We demonstrate consistent and strong performance. We take pride in our work. We go the extra mile to deliver high value work.


We make good decisions. We think strategically. We think about the context of a problem and identify real solutions.




In 2018, Thorsten Nolte felt frustrated by the high costs and lack of accessibility in traditional advertising agencies. He recognized the potential of AI to enhance human experiences and engage audiences.

Thorsten founded Propaganda Solutions, a digital agency that blends human creativity and technology to help businesses succeed. Despite its name, the team is fun-loving, creative, and tech-savvy, producing visually stunning and AI-optimized campaigns accessible to everyone.

Propaganda Solutions focuses on two goals: developing creative human experiences that connect with audiences and combining human creativity with AI-driven insights.

The second goal is to remove the barriers to entry for smaller companies. Thorsten and his team recognize that many smaller businesses are priced out of traditional agency solutions. By providing high-quality campaigns at an affordable price point, they aim to change that.

Propaganda Solutions made a name for themselves, impressing businesses of all sizes with their quality and creative campaigns.

Today, Propaganda Solutions is a growing digital agency with an excellent reputation. They remain committed to their original goals and continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in the marketing world. The future holds exciting possibilities for this innovative and fun-loving team.


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