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The Coronavirus pandemic sneaked up on us and then began to impact every facet of the global economy. Most people and businesses were left shell shocked, many are near the verge of collapse, most have to seriously re-think how to approach the new normal. Only very few benefited. With the pandemic still raging and the question of a second wave looming large what steps should businesses take next? Can we reimagine our organisations, their place in this new reality

The origins of the word brand go way back a long way to a time when we used to brand our property. Cattle ranchers would burn a mark into the upper thigh of the animal as a unique identifier ensuring the property was marked as his and not confused with the cattle of another rancher, the competition, if you will. The meaning of the word brand then started to evolve to encapsulate not just livestock but other goods to

Digital business transformation is a silly term. It’s a catch phrase we use to market our organisations in a vain attempt to show how contemporary we are and how able we are to help with current changes in organisations but really all we are doing is riding on the bandwagon of an outdated mindset. Digital media, Digital Marketing, everything has to have digital in the name as if that makes what we do current. It’s our industries “i” as