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Service:Website Development

Industry:Real Estate

Goal:Increase leads

A-House in the Islands Brygge area of Copenhagen is home to 195 New-York-style rental apartments. Each apartment has its own unique floor plan that allows tenants to create their own unique living space and express their personalities through design.

How did we do it?


We were tasked to develop a website that contains details about the building, such as descriptions, photos, and contact information

the website should include interactive elements, such as custom forms and galleries, and blog posts

Developing an engaging site with data capture at the heart was the main challenge we were asked to solve

A Hand Writing

how did we solve it:

The development of a content management system for A-house involved designing an easy-to-use interface, integrating data storage and retrieval systems, creating pathways for users to access content, developing content management tools such as search functions and content editing tools, creating security levels that ensure only authorized personnel can access information, integrating analytics to help track user engagement, and more. 

a house

At the heart of our solution was the development of the A-house Availability Widget, an interactive feature that allows potential renters to view and filter apartments by location, price and features making it engaging and easy for prospective tenants to find the perfect house.

a house

Services we do

Development of a link-building strategy

SEO audit

Development of a content strategy

Competitor audit

What did we get from it?

from 0 to 100+ per day

Increased search SEO traffic and brought more than 100 keywords into the top 10 of Google

more than twice

Increase the effectiveness of the advertising campaign

A picture of a laptop showing analysis

Turnover growth 5xLink profile construction:

Competitor audit

Site development strategy in the Internet

Advertising budget forecast

Control of indexing in Google

Understanding the weak points on the site and what should be solved in the first place