SEO and Paid Search

Service:SEO and Paid Search

Industry:Real Estate

Goal:Communicate the brand and get leads

The INCITY GROUP is a multidisciplinary real estate company based in Frankfurt am Main and Berlin Schönefeld. Their focus is on commercial real estate. They invest specifically in the long-term development of a sustainable portfolio. Three points are important to them: a future-proof location, a solid basic quality, and the long-term value stability of the properties.

How did we do it?


Communicate the brand and get leads that could result in potential tenants.

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how did we solve it:

We developed a PPC and SEO strategy, looking at the competition, the location, and the current website.

Also we developed a robust SEM strategy. Implementing that strategy we got high quality leads that convert into long term leases of the business premises. Additionally we did a competitor audit which allowed us to better understand the market.


Furthermore, a content strategy that aligns with your users' interests has been developed, as well as a brand awareness growth strategy that covers multiple media outlets. Finally, a link building strategy was also created.

What did we get from it?

Growth of keyword positions in Google search results

Increase site traffic by 150%

Achieved 100% SEO score on Mobile according to Google PageSpeed Insights

Achieved 100% SEO score on Desktop according to Google PageSpeed Insights

Setting up the micro markup on the site