Service:PPC and SEO


Goal:Сommunication strategy

QUADRATUM POTSDAM is a cutting-edge destination that fosters connectivity between individuals, research, technology, and business. It represents a fresh and forward-thinking location where the realms of work and life converge within modern laboratories and offices.

How did we do it?


The challenge is to effectively establish a cohesive brand communication strategy while simultaneously generating high-quality leads that hold the potential to transform into prospective tenants. This requires a strategic approach that encompasses targeted marketing efforts, compelling messaging, and impactful brand representation across various channels.

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how did we solve it:

We devised a comprehensive PPC and SEO strategy after analyzing the competition, location, and the existing website. Additionally, we implemented a robust SEM strategy that yielded exceptional results.

As a result of these efforts, we successfully attracted high-quality leads that ultimately converted into long-term leases for our clients' business premises. Moreover, our competitor audit provided valuable insights into the market landscape, enabling us to make informed decisions.


 Furthermore, we crafted a user-centric content strategy that resonates with your target audience's interests, while also developing a brand awareness growth plan encompassing various media platforms. Lastly, we devised an effective link building strategy to further enhance the online presence and visibility of your brand

What did we get from it?

Attracting visitors from scratch to a totally new project

Setting up Call Tracking for calls from the site

Customer engagement rate on the site 87%

100% coverage of the target audience on Google Search 

Optimization of the Google Ads account 100%

Increase the number of conversions: calls and inquiries sent from the site

Delivered 85.9% of ads on top positions